Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Does Your Business Need Social Media Help, But You Don’t Know Where To Start?
Social Media is exploding right now.  Your business has three choices:
1.  Ignore it.  It’ll go away, it’s just a fad (Trust me, it’s NOT a fad).  This is a bad idea.  Unfortunately, many companies make this choice everyday and miss out on millions of dollars.  Think that staying offline will avoid customer complaints and bad reviews?  Think again.  People will review your business whether you are online or not.  Ignoring it does not make it go away social media training.

2.  Create accounts on your own for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.  Spend time that, frankly, you don’t have.  Time is money.  Social Media marketing can be a full time job, and if you don’t have the expertise to do it right, most of that time will be wasted with little to show it.  Just creating these accounts does not bring in customers.  Interaction, responsiveness, and relationships bring in customers.  Most business owners don’t have the kind of time it takes to do this right.

3.  Hire a professional Social Media Manager.  That’s where we come in.  We know the challenges associated with Social Media marketing.  We offer everything from one-off creation of Social Media accounts to ongoing management of your Social Media identity across multiple platforms.  For a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee, we will make your brand shine by building customer relationships, loyalty, and advocacy.  We can even run your blog with fresh, original, and engaging content.